Cool screenshots with program's jokes.

Interesting Test Score

Very interesting test - I made one mistake, but still I have 18 of 10 points! That's nearly twice more than maximum :-)

Vivat Democracy! :-)

Would you like to register now? No? We don't care, you will register now whether you like it or not. :-)

DreamLinux - Funny resolution offer

Many people dream about very big resolutions and thus bigger space area for their applications and more user comfort.
But DreamLinux don't forget also about conservative and modest people and offers them minimalistic resolutions like 2x2 or 1x1 pixels.

μTorrent - Extra features

It looks like μTorrent has some new cool features - it can download more data, than ever exists (maybe it adds some new ultra super bonus stuff to downloaded files?) or by contrast - It can download one quarter of the file and file is complete! Splendid! :-)

RegCure - "Please don't uninstall me"

Quite funny (and last) attempt to avoid uninstallation of RegCure.
It sounds to me like a "If you uninstall me now, your computer will explode, LCD display gets pink mould and your printer will devour you" :)

Odpovědnost za jiné

Co dodat... Provozovatel systém nenese odpovědnost za systém jiný :-p

HS WinPerfect - bargain offer

Yes, I want optimize my memory to get 0% of free space :-) (from more than half of free space).


"Error: Operation was succesful" :D
What will be next?
"Succes: An error occured during the conversion. Let's celebrate!"? :)

Letter from O&O Software

Dear NULL... :)


Excelent Sega Genesis (MegaDrive), MasterSystem, 32X, GameGear and Sega CD emulator.
On screen - Sega Genesis emulation (Sonic the Hedgehog 3 and Knuckles - lock on technology).


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