How to take screenshots on iPad

Fortunately, taking screenshot on iPad is very easy and similar to taking screenshots on iPhone or iPod Touch. You don't have to install any special screenshots taking software, just go with these simple steps:

Taking screenshot on iPad

  • Press the On/Off button on the top of your iPad and while holding it, press the Home button.
    How to take screenshots on iPad
  • You should notice your screen will flash.
  • The current screen will be saved as an image and you can see it via the Photos app.
    How to take screenshots on iPad

Now is the time to copy the screenshots from your iPad to the PC or Mac. There are few possible ways. You can send the screenshots via the Mail app for example.

How to copy screenshots from iPad to the computer

Sending the screenshot via the Mail app in your iPad is very easy, go this way:

  • Run the Photos app and open the screenshot.
  • Tap the arrow on the right corner of the iPad's screen while viewing the screenshot.
  • Select Email Photo option, the Mail app will start and you can send the screenshot as an email message attachment.
    How to take screenshots on iPad

So, as you can see, taking and sending the screenshots from your iPad is very easy.

Updated: June 20, 2010: After installing the newest iTunes 9.2.x to my Windows 7 powered computer, I have found that there is very easy to access the iPad's internal memory with taken screenshots. Just use the Windows Explorer, click the Computer and the iPad shortcut.