Internet Explorer 8 Beta 1 - installation

Microsoft has recently released first public beta of forthcoming web browser Internet Explorer 8.
IE8 beta 1 is very similar to IE7 yet, but it brings some new features such an activities.
With activities, you don't need anymore to open new window or tab, if you are looking for some information.
Just mark some text on web page and open a context menu with list of activities. You can immediately see some place on map, search goods on Ebay, translate selected text and much more.

IE8 brings some useful utilities for web developers too. You can see web page code in interactive tree structure or debug your webpages.

If you want to try this new stuff by yourself, download IE8 beta 1 by clicking here.
But be careful, it's still beta version and it might be unstable and even crash.

On screenshot: Installation will be finished soon.