Submission Policy

You are welcome to submit screenshots from your favorite applications or operating systems. Please note, that we don't archive screenshots from any kind of games. All your submission is quequed and waiting to be published by our administrators.

Feel free to submit your oppinion to our forum or to the comment below the screenshots.

Screenshots submission

  • Submit only PNG file format
  • Ideal resolution for making screenshots is 800×600 up to 1280×1024. We recommend 1024×768.
  • All your screenshots has to be watermark free.
  • Do not submit screenshots from other websites.
  • Always select the appropriate category.
  • You need to be register for screenshots submission.
  • Insert the right name of the program, version number and language version (if other than english)
  • Do not use spaces or non-english characters in filenames

Comments submission

Comments are strongly moderated, so do not use vulgarism and undesirable content. All such submissions will be deleted.